Different types of office workers

Hey all, maybe its just me but I have been wondering about something. Have you ever noticed that when you’re at work there are different types of workers? I have seen these kinds:

The hardcore worker:

This is the guy/girl that is working from the minute they come in up until the second they leave. They fraternize with their co-workers in a very minimal fashion and are usually the most relied upon by management. May be referred to by others in the workforce as brownnosers and kissasses.

The semi-hardcore worker:

This group can also be relied upon to do their job, however, don’t expect them to skip breaks or work through lunch because it’s not gonna happen. They believe in doing their job but they do “have a life”

The “I wish the hell I would” worker:

This group will complain about the most menial of tasks. This is not to say that they won’t do it, but best believe they will complain the ENTIRE time about it.

The “Charmer”:

These are the workers with the great smile and good jokes, who can always get others to do their work for them using their hypnotic charm. They skirt out most jobs with ease and are usually loathed by the hardcore workers.

The senior “I’ve paid my dues and now I am going to relax until I retire and get paid for it” Worker:

No one in the workforce can stand these workers, except for maybe other senior workers. Nothing is ever enforced on them, so you may see them doing their nails, reading a book/newspaper/magazine while they are on the job. They are loathed by all.

I am sure this list will expand, but for now I can’t think of any more. Does anyone have anymore to add to the list? You will be credited!!!



~ by artanas on February 20, 2007.

One Response to “Different types of office workers”

  1. Let’s not forget about the crazy worker that everyone avoids.

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